Pallet Configeration Calculations: Step 8

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This pallet optimisation image illustrates the void left when stacking cartons on a pallet as part of our guide to building a pallet. This space left is referred to as 'Void 8' on the Advanced Pallet Calculator and is used to calculate how many remaining cartons can be placed into void 8 in order to make maximum use of the space available on the pallet to keep transportation and logistics costs down to a minimum.

How to calculate the number of cartons you can fit into Void 8 on a pallet

The image below shows Void 8 from the Advanced Pallet Calculator formula. This void is the result of unused space which remains after a specific amount of cartons have been stacked in the same way on a pallet. The void occurs as no more cartons can be placed onto the pallet in the same configuration with exceeding the pallet build caveats (maximum length, width and height) after allowing for overhang tolerances (where applicable).

Having identified the measurements of void 8:

  • L - Length of the void
  • W - Width of the void
  • H - Height of the void

where .

This in turn allows us to calculate the cubic capacity of the void which in turn will allow us to calculate the maximum number of cartons which will fit into the void based on their cube. It is very unusual to achieve this number but it provides a maximum benchmark from which we can identify maximum pallet loads from a 'feasibility perspective'. Clearly we will continue to calculate the exact number of cartons that will fit into the void, if that number differs from the maximum based on cubic capacity, it provides a simple indicator from which we can confirm that there is still space on the pallet which may support additional cartons or more, smaller products.

These calculations and more are completed at lightning fast speed by the Advanced Pallet Calculator with the added advantage that your brain doesn't have to go into meltdown working out the recurring void 1 that occur as part of each pallet optimisation calculation. It is however useful to understand the pallet optimisation methodology as this support effective pallet build. It is vital that clerical and warehouse staff must understand the approach taken to building the pallet or there will always be disagreements about how much product should be loaded on each pallet.

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